Sedona Climate Action Plan 2020

As of the year 2020, humanity is in a state of planetary emergency with regards to the supreme threat of global climate change.

This Action Plan is specifically designed for the city of Sedona, Arizona, but its principles can easily be applied to any town, city or munipality across America.

This Action Plan is also being designated as both a temporal endorsement of the vision of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, as well as a celestial record ( on high) as proof of my warning and admonition to those in worldly positions of power and authority on Earth that things have to radically change (and conciousness to evolve) if humanity is to survive te 21st century.

First and foremost, its time to rapidly transition the human enterprise on Earth out of the highly antiquated global hydrocarbon economy. Its time to criminalize both the producers and consumers of gas-guzzling cars, trucks and SUV's. Any vehicle that does not get at least 50mpg on the streets needs to be confiscated and its owners fined and designated as "domestic terrorists" (i.e ecoterrorists). Vehicles getting over 50mpg will only be used as a temporary bridge towards the build out and construction of a fully electrified and antigravitic transportation grid. Secondly, its time to outlaw and criminalize businesses and institutions producing, endorsing and pushing a meat consumption agenda, since the meat and dairy industries are the prime causes of CO2 and methane emissions across the globe (well over 50%). See book, Crisis to Peace, by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Online at:

Thirdly, and this pertains to the city of Sedona, Arizona specifically, its time to designate the city and surrounding counties of Sedona as a US National Park (as it should have been done many years ago). This area has been absolutely decimated, desecrated and destroyed over the years by the local tourist industry. The balloons, the ATV's, the Jeep tours and especially the helicopters all need to be permanently shut down and designted as non-essentlal services. These businesses are noisy, intrusive, destructive and are violating the peace, sanctity and serenity of our beautiful and widely treasured Red Rock community commons.

The city of Sedona, Arizona, along with many cities and municipalities across the USA, have been given the mandate to create a localized Climate Action Plan. I would submit that a critical component of this Plan should be a full defunding of the domestic law enforcement budget (that includes the US Forest Service, who, in the name of preserving and protecting our wilderness areas, have done the MOST damage to our local red rocks environment) along with a full city wide ban on the use, construction and operation of all illegal spy and surveillance cameras throughout the city- with particular emphasis on the criminalization of both facial recognition software, the roll out and build out of 5G technology and the use of drones to illegally monitor, spy upon, surveil, control and record the activities of most law abiding citizens on the ground. Police state surveillance in any city in America is a supreme violation of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution and has absolutely no place in any sane, open, free, civilized, advanced, sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

Thus said, its time to financially crush the overfunded, overmilitarized fascist American police state out of existence for all time in every single community across America.

Funds and security priorities have been redefined in environmental terms and must now be re-directed towards building and erecting local, sustainable, green infrastructures throughout all towns and cities across the USA.

Such a green build out must include local and decentralized power production through both solar panel and wind turbines as well with zero point electrical generating stations. Sedona, Arizona, along with most communities across the country, also needs to develop a comprehensive city bike path network that gives citizens access to alternative means of transportation, thereby easing congestion and lowering our collective carbon footprint. Securing local water sources and investing in local food production (community gardens, planting fruit and nut trees, contructing greenhouses for winter growing etc...) would also bring in a high decree of local self-sufficency and residential security for our commuitities in these highly turbulent and unstable times.

In a world experiencing drastic planetary climate change disruption, the securing of both food and water sources in any town or city across America is priority #1. In towns such as Sedona, Arizona, the banality of tourism is going to have to give way to the mandate of securing our fundamental basic human survival. This is where we are today. Despite all the shortcomings, this must and will become the new normal.


S Jones
Global Environmentalist
Sedona, Arizona



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