January, 2021

Resetting the Global Reset

The current so-called covid 19 virus threat is a complete and utter hoax. There is NO threat. This overhyped pandemic is, in reality, a cover for the global economic collapse/re-set that is occuring right now throughout our world. This is being done primarily to bring in a global cashless money system that will used to control and manage the world's global financial system through a world central bank- most likey the bank of international settlements (BIS) based in switzerland. This fake pandemic is also a response to the supreme threat of global climate change, which is literally destroying the biosphere and all life therein, hence the move to shut down the entire world economy. (See: Book- This Changes Everything, by Naomi Klein).

Current statistics (as of january, 2021) show that 350,000 Americans have died from this virus out of a total population of 350 million. That translates into a 0.1% death rate, which is near non-existent. In fact, 70-80% of these deaths occurred with elderly citizens having compromised immune systems and pre-existing health conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer etc...). Hospitals receive up to $50,000 for every death they designate as death due to corona virus, hence the incentive to inflate the covid 19 death rate and propagandize the false pandemic threat. According to the CDC's own website, only 6% of "pandemic" deaths are attributed to the actual corona virus. The CDC also notes that the so-called "covid 19" virus has a 99.9% recovery rate. The remaining deaths are all due to natural causes, including deaths resulting from the seasonal flu which takes the lives of hundreds of thousands annually in America.

Globally, with 1.75 million deaths (as of january, 2021), the cumulative death figure stands at a mere .022%, which again is a rate not worth shutting down the entire global economy over. There is no need to wear masks (which doesn,t stop the virus anyways- read the box label) nor is there a need to social distance, lockdown or self quaranteen. You cannot force anyone to wear a mask, it is unnecessary, illegal, un-American and unconstitutional.

Businesses, public institutions and schools do not need to remain shutdown. Remember, the same government that tells you corona virus is a threat, is the very same government that says nuclear power is safe (I give you Fukushima), that GMO frankenfood poses no health risks ( which it clearly does) or that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (which he didn't) and which cost the lives of up to 2 million iraqi men, women and children in the Iraq War.

Current efforts to enact local, state and federal decrees to force citizens to wear masks are illegal, unnecessary, dictatorial and downright tyrannical. In fact, forced mask wearing is a beta test to see how many americans will submit to forced vaccinations which are being planned now and re slated to be rolled out soon to sterilize, give cancer to and ultimately kill the recipient with (courtesy of Big Pharma). Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab (head of the World Economic Forum in Davos,Switzerland) and others, are eugenicists. Plans are to kill off up to 75% of the American populace with deadly vaccines- that's up to 250 million Americans, according to deagel.com

Americans have 80 times the environmental impact on the global environment as your average Asian, African or Latin American citizen. This is why Americans (and most westerners) are being targeted for sterilization, incapacitation and ultimately, termination with vaccinations.

The world has, by design, entered a global depression. In addition to having the global pandemic hoax be a cover for the global economic collapse that is happening all around us today, there is also a parallel global depopulation campaign now in operation.

In a world of nearly 8 billion human beings, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.

90% of global overpopulation occurs in the third world, therefore billions are being prepared and targeted for extermination. In America and throughout western civilization, forced vaccinations will specifically target the affluent. For those who survive this "purge", social distancing will still try to be enforced to keep you 6 ft apart from one another, so that cell phone towers, wifi routers and low earth orbiting 5G satellite networks can get a clear signal on your smart phone for illegal tracking, monitoring and surveillance purposes. Being in close proximity with 2-3 people in close disrupts the locking-in signal. This is the primary reason for the permanent push to enforce social distancing, along with the other critical objective of keeping people from gathering in groups and from talking, organizing and interacting with one another to confront and overcome the Chinese-style dictatorial tyranny that has now, unfortunately, been imposed upon the American populace.

In their desperation and psychotic insanity, what the global jewish rothschild banking cartel and their technocratic elite are creating is a global nazi authoritaran police state where everyone and everything is controlled, tracked, monitored and surveilled in real time.

Think of the book 1984 by george orwell and you've got a pretty good idea what they are attempting to create.

Our rights, freedoms and liberties as American citizens are now under threat- particularly our 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights that protect us all from dictatorial state tyranny. Yet, as history has proved, human beings cannot be forced into submission. By our very nature we are free, independent, sovereign, creative and life affirming creatures. (See documentaries- http://thrivemovement.com and http://thriveon.com). Instead of forcing people to wear masks, take vaccines and exterminate billions of poor men, women and children in the 3rd world, i admonish those in temporal positions of power on Earth to instead invest multi-trillons of dollars, yuan, euros etc... into building an advanced and sustainable global green world civilization for mankind (as it should have been done 20 years ago). Rather than controlling, oppressing and manipulating human behavior, let us harness the genius, innovation and light/compassionate side of the human condition so that we can build a world that works for all. For in reality, this is the only way our species can possibly survive the 21st century. Let us support and endorse United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 without an oppressive spy and surveillance authoritarian big brother police state. Let us solve the threat of global climate change not by shutting down the entire global economy, but by re-booting, re-setting and re-engineering the world's educational/corporate/industrial/information infrastucture into a global green economy that serves the interests and objectives of planetary survival, global environmental protection, species continuity and world sustainable development on into the 21st century and beyond.

There is no need to go down the path of a regressive global corona virus war on humanity.

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